Friday, August 14, 2009

Breaking news: Major traitor offensive broken!

A traitor marine force of unknown origin was found swarming out of the areas surrounding the Death Mire ash wastes. Their estimated number was over one hundred traitor Space Marines. Their reasons for conducting operations in the ash wastes were unknown, though they were spotted by Sentinel Scouts of the Cadian 87th regiment.

Imperial Guard forces of multiple regiments were called in, and took the traitors by surprise. An a battle of attrition spanning the horizon of the ash wastes, the Imperial Guard armored forces were able to wipe out the Chaos insurrectionists to a man in pitched battle.

This marks the greatest success of Imperial forces since the start of operation Death Tone, scoring an overwhelming victory and crippling traitor aggression in the area.

(The report can be viewed at good job!)

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