Monday, August 17, 2009

Renewed Imperial effort!

Imperial forces of the 87th Steel Legion Set up prepared ambushes along the road from Death Mire to Hive Infernus, and met with significant success.

The 87th Steel Legion held the heights of Hill 8792 in the Death Mire, overlooking Infernus Highway, and ambushed rogue traitor marines and Chaos forces, as well as an unknown enemy (inq file 2231-432, access forbidden. ref: Ordo Malleus) that is most heinous in its radical nature and was deemed a direct threat against Imperial rule in the sector.
The regiment slaughtered the traitors in their hundreds before finally being forced to withdraw in the face of overwhelming numbers. Two battles were won decisively, with a third loss that finally drove the brave men and women of the 87th off their objective.

Let their example fill your hearts with courage and you spirits with the Emperor's resolve!


  1. In a related report, the 291st Death Korps regiment met a group of Tau interlopers attempting to send out search and destroy parties. The group was interceptepted and suffered heavy casualties before being forced to withdraw by Imperial forces.