Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting Intensifies!

With a renewed fighting on all front, Imperial forces on Armageddon are hard pressed to maintain their objectives and keep enemy forces from wresting controll of the areas surrounding the hive cities.

In the latest reports, Imperial forces outside Hive Infernus have met with defeat in facing a Tau Fire Cadre that has successfully made planetfall and established a beach-head in the ash wastes. Men of the 65th Steel Legion were defeated and pushed back after attempting to attack Tau forces in the sector.

Another field of concern to Imperial High Command is what is being called Tyranid "Splinter Fleet Armageddon", which has now breached past the ravaged orbital defences and also established a beach-head, with Tyranid organisms being sighted outside the ruined Hive Hades. Men of the 7th Galen Rockhounds were rushed to the area to respons, fighting the Tyranids back and securing a minor victory, before reinforcements arrived. Apon arrival, the full-strength Rockhounds regiment won a decisive victory in a large running battle, driving the creatures away from Hive Hades. Their current location is unknown, but their projected casualties are high.

There has been no further movement from other forces, though Orcs have been sighted mobilizing forces to launch an all out assault across the Styx River. Their presumed target is projected to be Cerberus Base in the Equatorial Jungle.

There is no further news at this time.

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