Friday, August 14, 2009

Disaster in Death Mire

Ork forces, bearing the personal banner of Warboss Zagstrukk himself, massacred Imperial Guard forces of the 598th Vostroyan. The regiment was deployed to act as a defensive force, guarding a series of bastions in a research facility when it was attacked via orbital support of crude Orc breaching craft.

The bastions were destroyed and all three objectives captured by the Orcs, with the survivors being hunted down in the ash wastes. It is unlikely there are any survivors. This marks a second overwhelming defeat at the hands of Orcish forces. Imperial commanders are now reevaluating their defensive strategies for Operation Death Tone, calling for additional reinforcements and any aid that can be mustered. The Orcish forces are now estimated to be in the billions in the region, and they show now signs of slowing down.

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