Thursday, August 13, 2009

Operation Death Tone

Imperial forces will be conducting a new operation during the next two weeks, codenamed Death Tone. The operation is aimed at preserving imperial controll over the Death Mire region. Imperial forces are being redirected to the region to maintain order and establish a fortified defensive perimeter in response to increased enemy activity in the area.

All battles will occur in this region during the operation's duration. The operation will last from today, August 13th, until August 20th. All battles won will double their points values won for their race, though lossess will still detract the same ammount of points (you cannot go below 0). Good luck, and good hunting!

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  1. Update:
    An Imperial Fists strike force was wiped out with no survivors. 58 Space Marines were masacred when the Strike Force attempted a breached entry into an Orc Rok fortress. Imperial reinforcements were unable to reach the fortress to relieve the Space Marines when the first distress call was received.

    The Orcs have shown a large increase in activity in the Death Mire region in response to Operation Death Tone, mustering in the millions in the ash wastes to launch an attack in response. Several gargants have been sighted.

    Imperial forces in the sector have been placed on Alert Status Alpha.